Sense is ANAIS

Sense is ANAIS

I envy people who knew from an early age what they want to be or what they want to do or what their talent is... Frankly, I still have no clue about myself what do I want to be when I grow up. But this article isn't about me, it's about one special lady called Anastasia. 
Anastasia is a founder and creator of the ANAIS brand that creates impossible beautiful pieces of bijouterie. Each item handcrafted by Anastasia. No rush, no fuss, no mass production in order to sell tonnes. Each and every item carefully peacefully created by Anastasia. 
First sketches were drawn in 1997, inspired by the fashion of the 90's - YSL, John Galliano.  But it all had to wait till 2011.

It didn't start as a desire to build a business or establish a famous international brand. It started with a gift to a friend. Then another friend, then friends of the friends actually wanted to buy items Anastasia was creating. The public and the world first heard of ANAIS at the Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days. And as they say - the rest is a history. 

Anastasia doesn't sketch much. Her vision for the new piece, she is about to create, is very clear to her and comes from inside. No one gets to see new idea until it's ready. As if she is reflecting her senses - how she sees, feels, smells the world around her. 

She doesn't try to match her collection to the couture or current fashion trend nor she is trying to set the trend. Her items original, trend free - all qualities that inevitably make them timeless. 
This honest approach is the reason why so many fashion brands choose ANAIS jewellery for collaboration. 

Ability to create, in my opinion, is the biggest talent person can have. It goes to everything and anything. 

But it takes a truly remarkable person to share a personal vision in the creation for others to judge.

I could keep writing about at this incredible person and her craft, but instead, I am asking you to have a look at her collection and judge for yourself.  In the end of the day, this article represents solely my opinion. 

ANAIS collection available at
You can also follow Anastasia and her brand @anaisbijouterie

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